12 May 2012

Mitt Romney is a Born Leader

I really don't understand all the hubbub about Mitt Romney's alleged high school "bullying" incident reported this week in The Washington Post.  Honestly, I can't understand why Romney and his team aren't fully embracing the story as a prime example of how Mitt Romney is a born leader, a man who has been demonstrating that leadership since his youth.  A man who has been preparing his whole life to be the Republican nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America.

I mean, it's not like Mitt was some middling prep school son of privilege, skating through life, content to be just another elitist douchebag without a care about the lives of those who were seen as inferior to him.  From all reports, he appears to have endeavored from a young age to be the biggest, meanest elitist douchebag around, and was always going that extra mile to distinguish himself from his peers.  He appears to have been VERY interested in the lives of others, especially those "others" who were different from him and his circle of friends, in deviant and weird ways.  

According to the stories of his classmates, by his early teens, he had learned the fundamental lesson that all conservative comedy is based on the pain of others, and that Romney was the undisputed king of such "pranks" on his campus.  This particular story in the Post highlights the lengths to which young Mitt was willing to go to stand head-and-shoulders above his classmates in this regard.  Sometimes, to stand above your peers, it is necessary to kneel on the chest of one of your inferiors.  Mitt wasn't just some random entitled asshole joining into an ad hoc lynch mob to shear some nancyboy of his long, bleached locks.  Mitt was the LEADER of that ad hoc lynch mob, the inciter of the violence, and the wielder of the scissors of mob justice.  No mere follower was young Master Mitt.

I bet you can't even IMAGINE Barry Obama taking such a leadership role in his high school years.  No, Barry was too busy smoking pot on the beach with high school dropouts and riding the bench on a State Championship basketball team (not exactly the captain and commander in the making there).  

Or Newt Gingrich?  You think he was the kind of kid who was on the giving end of the knuckle sandwich in high school?  Hell, no!  He may be a pretty respectable bully as an adult, but I'd bet that little Newton was much more likely to find himself pinned down in the locker room and being poked in his pasty, fat belly by some completely heterosexual jocks until he giggled like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  Newt's adult bullying style is obviously just an example of him trying too hard to make up for his inability to be a proper bully in his school days.

From Cranbrook, to Bain, to the GOP Primary, Mitt Romney has consistently shown that he knows what it takes to gain and keep the respect of those in conservative political circles.  Just because he started life's game of "King of the Mountain" at the top, doesn't mean he doesn't understand how to ultimately win the game.  You can't just sit on your father's laurels and be content at the top of the hill.  You have to make sure you put in the effort to kick those approaching the top of the hill right in the chest and back down the slope if you want to stay there.  

Some people know their place, and some people don't.  Mitt Romney has always known that he belonged in the throne, and he has also been a lifelong crusader against those who obviously do not understand that their place is somewhere further down the hill.  Who could better represent the 21st Century Republican Party than the man who has been preparing for this moment his entire life?

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